What, Where, How

Ganga Sunrise

Enjoy the breathtaking sunrise from comfort of your room or let us arrange the traditional boat ride for the full experience. 

Your Indian host will share the history of the ghats and buildings along the way, making you feel at home with thousands of years of history.

Nearby Restaurants

Enjoy the Shiva Cafe & German Bakery just a few doors away, plus the Mona Lisa Cafe & German Bakery around the corner.  Also nearby are many Indian cafes and chai shops, along the historic Varansi alleyways - plus great shopping!

Shiva Shiva Shiva!

Every street corner has another holy Shiva Linga - or 10.  Adorned with flowers, offered by local residents as well as pilgrims and visitors, Varanasi is said to have 100,000 lingas, making the presence of the Ultimate Reality tangible for everyone.

Manakarnika Ghat

The famous cremation grounds, with fires 24/7, is a short boat ride or 10 minute walk away.  

Learn about the traditions and rituals, observe families from a respectful distance and join yogis in their meditations at this holy site.

Visit Historic Temples

Monkey Temple, Durga Temple

Kashi Vishvanath at BHU & Golden Temple

Sarnath with Buddhist temple and stupas

and the open-air sunset Ganga Arati

Walking Tour & Shopping

Your host will guide you along the ghats, the alleyways and main roads for a walking tour and shopping - books, jewelry, clothes, household items, musical instruments, souvenirs and so much more...